Whether you like your blues contemporary, traditional, low down or funky…., you’re gonna love The Flaming Mudcats.

Matter of fact, you’re gonna dig these guys even if blues ain’t your thing due to the sheer energy and musicianship they bring to their live performances.
Together now for more than eight years, this Auckland based band has established themselves among the country’s premier blues acts.
With their signature brand of rocking rhythm and blues, The Flaming Mudcats have taken their show to festivals and clubs in the USA, Australia, The Pacific Islands and throughout New Zealand.
They have also appeared live on national radio and television.

The Flaming Mudcats are four dedicated musicians who share a common passion and love of the blues.
Whilst drawing inspiration from their eclectic influences, their music provides a refreshingly original take on the universal themes of love, loss, and cruel women.

The band is fronted by vocalist Craig Bracken, one of the country’s most accomplished harmonica players, with guitarist Doug Bygrave providing the six string raucousness.
Anchoring these two, is the tight and true rhythm section comprising Ian Thomson on drums and Sean McCarthy on bass.
With a sound, raw, real, and gritty, these cats do it all – swing, shuffle and boogie.

The Flaming Mudcats have to date recorded two well received albums – 2011’s "Gave You What You Wanted" and 2013’s "Mistress".
Apart from a lone cover on each, both albums comprise original material and present a wide spectrum of blues styles, whilst celebrating that unique Mudcat sound.

Constantly developing new material, the band attacks every performance as if it was their last.  

Be sure to catch them live and get yourself Mudcatted!



Our latest album 'Mistress' and ‘Gave You What You Wanted’ are now available on-line from iTunes, Bandcamp, Amplifier and of course Marbecks.
By way of showing our thanks for your support, track one from the album ‘Gave You What You Wanted’ and one track from the album 'Mistress' are available to download for FREE below.
More tracks from both albums can be heard HERE.

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